Electric Design

At DEINSA we care about the quality of our Electrical Engineering designs, that is why we use the number one software worldwide: "SKM Power Tools for Windows, Electrical Engineering Software". We also provide our customers with the mandatory electrical verification that must be carried out at least every five years, according to Executive Decree No. 36979 MEIC in its Art. 5. 2, which mentions the following: "Verification of existing electrical installations in sites classified as dangerous and meeting places of more than 100 people "

Consulting in Electrical Engineering of Electrical and Telecommunications Systems

· Preliminary studies
· Draft project
· Construction plans and specifications
· Detailed budget
· Scheduling of construction work
· Technical direction, administration and inspection

Electrical systems consulting services

· Medium and low voltage systems
· Electrical distribution systems

      -Motor control centers
      -Electric plants
      -UPS systems
      - Electrical boards, switchboard and switchgear

· Electrical protection

      -Lightning rods
      -Ground meshes
      -Electric plants

· Photovoltaic generation systems

      -Solar Panels

Telecommunications consulting services

· UTP cabling, fiber optics and wireless systems
· Alarm systems against theft and fire
· Access control systems
· Audio and video: Closed circuit television, sound and commercial TV

Localization and correction of electrical problems

· Field inspections for problem detection

· Measurement and monitoring of the main electrical parameters and / or evaluation of the grounding system

· Technical report with analysis of results, definition of the problem, causes, alternatives and recommendations

Energy Audits and Energy Management

· Field studies to reduce energy consumption according to Law 7447
· Energy Balances
· Energy use optimization
· Profitability studies to introduce new technologies and reduce energy consumption
· Design and advise companies following the guidelines of ISO 50001

· Automation of electrical and telecommunications systems

· Automation of industrial processes
· Automation of electrical systems for energy saving

· Building automation:

      -Integration of telecommunications systems and electrical systems

· Monitoring and control of operations, using: